Bocce Courts

Fast-Dry Courts, Inc. does not just build tennis courts. We have extensive experience in building other sports surfaces, including bocce courts. A standard, regulation size bocce court is 10' wide by 60' long, considerably smaller than a typical Har-Tru tennis court. However, the construction of a bocce court is very similar to the construction of a new Har-Tru tennis court.

Bocce Court
A bocce court is comprised of +/- 3" of concrete screening sand and 1" of Har-Tru surfacing material. The concrete screening sand and Har-Tru material is contained by a pressure treated wood, concrete block or poured concrete border. The border will usually include a series of drainage holes to facilitate water removal after a rain or watering. A typical bocce court will require 85, 80 lb. bags of Har-Tru material to provide 1" over the court surface. We also often install an automatic irrigation system of 1 or 2 sprinkler heads to irrigate the court.


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