New Lighting Systems

Fast-Dry Courts, Inc. recognizes that not all recreational play takes place during the daylight hours. Lighting systems can add hours of enjoyment to your tennis, basketball, bocce or shuffleboard court, particularly for busy professionals. We work with all of the major manufacturers of high quality, low-profile, environmental sports lighting, including Recreational Lighting Systems (RLS), Courtsider Sports Lighting (LSI), Tennis Optics and Techlight. Consequently, we offer a variety of different lighting solutions to fit your unique situation.

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Low Profile, Environmentally Friendly Lighting Solutions

Fast-Dry Courts, Inc. offers lighting systems that deliver high illumination with sharp cutoff to minimize light pollution and meet all local building codes. Our lighting systems have low mounting heights (21' or 27'), minimizing the amount of light that extends beyond the court boundaries.

Durable and Long Lasting Lighting Solutions

Fast-Dry Courts, Inc. offers lighting systems that meet Florida 's toughest building codes. Some of our systems are rated to meet the ASCE7-98 requirements, with wind loads up to 150 MPH. Our light poles can either be base mounted or direct burial, whichever fits your needs better.

Wattage and Illumination Options to Fit Any Budget

We can design your lighting system to meet USTA Class I, Class II or Class III standards.

In order to design a lighting system, we will need to get a few pieces of information from you, including:

  • The power currently available at your facility that would be available for lighting the court or courts (you may need to have the power company bring more amps to your facility)
  • The hertz (50 or 60) and voltage (120/208/240/480) currently in place at your facility


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